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Recover broken ".nb file?

Posted 8 years ago

I had a normal *nb file in Math11 with graphics, calculations, text....but by some uncontrolled click it was broken and now it may be opened only as a simple plain text file with crazy "Mathematica" cells, boxes and so on... Is there any way to recover the file in normal form? How to organize the auto-backup:which would allows to save a backup version of the ".nb file let say each 30min?

3 Replies

Great, It works perfect! Thanks a lot for your help, you saved me many hours of work....


Posted 8 years ago


To recover the .nb can be done quit easily in this case. How I did it

1. Opened the Basics of Polazation analysis2.txt in a text editor. UltraEdit in my case.

2. Marked the whole lot. Copy, Ctrl-C.

3. Opened MMA 11. New notebook. Paste, Ctrl-V

4. This dialog appears:

enter image description here

5. Naturally, clicked Yes

The result is attached

POSTED BY: Hans Milton

It seems to work fine for me (actually I deleted the cache information at the beginning and end of the file). See the attached...

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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