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Create a GeoListPlot with GeoLabels of cities?

Posted 5 years ago
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I am learning to use the GIS/mapping functions in Mathematica. I copied a code snippet from a Wolfram site that seems correct to me and should work, but it generates an error on my system. Here it is:

  Entity["City", {"Atlanta", "Georgia", "UnitedStates"}],
  Entity["City", {"Savannah", "Georgia", "UnitedStates"}],
  Entity["City", {"Naples", "Florida", "UnitedStates"}]
  }, GeoLabels -> True]

This should plot the locations of the cities on a map and add their names as labels. What happens is that it makes the map with the cities just fine, but does not generate the names. Instead, it produces this error:

"Table is not a Graphics primitive or directive."

There are several examples of this sort on the web, I tried a couple, and got the same error in both cases. I am running Mathematica 11.0.1. When I encountered the problem, I restarted the kernel and tried again, in case there were some conflicting definition in the session, but to no avail. Does anyone have an idea as to what is happening here?

Thanks, Harvey

4 Replies

I can reproduce this in 11.0.1 for Mac OS X. Please submit this as product feedback to:

I reproduced it in M 11 as well. And I confirmed that it does work in M 10.

Posted 5 years ago

In the cloud lab (11.01 Linux) it seems too work but the labels are not working at all? 10.2 Windows seems ok.

i'm not sure if you will see the messages in the cloud version...

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