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Connecting to ANT+ devices from Mathematica

Posted 11 years ago
Similar to my recent post on connecting Bluetooth LE devices to Mathematica, this post is to explain a bit about how I've been connecting wireless ANT+ devices into Mathematica. Although it's in early development, this package should allow you to connect to a few ANT+ devices. The notebook included with the package gives some additional examples and a more thorough explanation.

This sets up a connection to an ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor.

This gets data from that connection:

If you're feeling brave and you want to connect devices other than the ones already supported, you'll want to modify the event handler myChannelEventFunction to respond to the specific ANT+ broadcast data you're interested in.

You'll need an ANT USB-m Stick to be able to use the package.

Feedback welcome! Happy data collecting!
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