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Advanced Glass Ceramics Establishment (AGCE)
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AGCE Forsman-White's Summary

AGCE is an organizational unit that crosses traditional boundaries between academic disciplines or schools of thought, as new needs and professions emerge.

Essentially our work revolves around the creation and enabling of commercial products based on glass ceramic material technology processes to enhance innovation boundaries and thinking across them.

Examples include construction and infrastructure material formulations of nano-particles and nano-structured materials, supra-molecular materials, bio-active and bio compatible materials, optically active materials and magnetic materials.

A key aspect of and motivation of the organisation is the formulation of glass ceramics which provide scientific and applied solution advantages in commercial products.

The relevance of our glass ceramic formulation method is specific to the interaction of energetic ions (hyperthermal) with surfaces which has proven to have positive influences when applied in for example; thin-film transistors (TFT), optical waveguide physical structures that guide electromagnetic waves in the optical spectrum and low-emissivity coatings.

AGCE as an organisation is primarily involved in the development of applied industrial design solutions which at their core employ the influences of our glass ceramic formulation method on consequences of the phenomenon of entanglement in quantum mechanics.