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Andre Koppel
Andre Koppel Software GmbH

I am working with computers since end of the 70'ies. I have used a great amount of HP computers and systems during "the old time" (HP85, HP86, HP9816, Integral-PC). I have worked with VMS, SINIX, Solarix, QNX, QNX-Neutrino, Linux and several other OS. I am a collector of these old systems. I have written software for measurement tests in climate cambers, software for IEEE488 communication (for ESA). Software for lawyers and some other kind of software. Additionally I have written a TCP/IP-Stack for QNX/2 that is used in several thousand installations worldwide. Just for fun I have written my own token table driven BASIC-interpreter (internally it's using RPN) based on the concepts of Rocky Mountain BASIC. My BASIC intepreter has become very powerfull during the last twenty years and it is used fully integrated into some of my software systems to make it easier for our customers to write own scripts. There is Mathematica support build into my BASIC interpreter. For people who are able to read german: The link to the description with detailed syntax is: I am working with Mathematica since 2009. There is a deep integration of Mathematica into my companies Software-System INVEP.