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Arnab Kar
University of Rochester
LOCATION: Rochester
BLOG: Not indicated

My journey on this planet started in a small town in the eastern part of India. After finishing my undergraduate studies in physics at Chennai Mathematical Institute, I joined the PhD program in physics at University of Rochester. Of the many things that I am interested in, I mostly work on ideas related to renormalization in field theory. This got me interested in several mathematical topics like measure theory, metrics. The notion of distance (metrics) forms an important component in complex network systems. While I was awestruck by its varied applications (social networking being one of them), I started coding in Mathematica to visualize and analyze different properties of a network for problems related to physics.

All these aside, what interests me most is playing sports like soccer, cricket, volleyball, badminton and few more. After having stayed in a place where bright sunshine is rare to come by, my interests in movies and music for the weary winters have escalated on one hand while outdoor activities like biking, hiking, kayaking keep me me exhausted during the short summer.