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August Voegeli
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LOCATION: In the Rocky Mountains
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I enjoy complex problems that require creative problem solving. I am a self made man that is steeped in practical execution such as trading futures on the floor of the CBOT, started a company that tracked sailboat positions with LEO satellites and posted those positions on a web page for public view, wrote 3 successful fully automated trading strategies, and learned the google adwords game. Now, at 40, I am working towards my undergrad in applied math in Boulder, CO. Since I am not 18 and have no need for the full college experience (or the debt associated with it) I have been getting my GE classes done at a community college for guaranteed transfer to CU. I think my unique experience makes me an asset to teams involved in R&D and I actively search for new opportunities and challenges.

I have been working on a research project for the past three years. The funny thing is that 2.5 years ago we thought we found the solution, but we did not know what we did not know. We have had successes and failures, but after our last failure I realized we were chasing greater systemic change. So I have been building a system to measure the constantly changing environment. And my hypothesis is I can anticipate some of those changes and stop reacting and chasing my tail.

Some colleagues asked me why I continue and how I can continue after so many failures. Firstly, I find failure to be the greatest teacher. Secondly, there is the moment of discovery when old challenges become simple and there is a clear path (filled with new challenges) on the horizon that may or may not be the final solution, but we find out when we get there!

Which is what brings me to Mathmatica to prove if I am correct or not.