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Jim Belk
Jim Belk
Bard College
LOCATION: United States
BLOG: Not indicated

I am a tenure-track professor of mathematics at Bard college. My research areas include group theory, topology, and dynamical systems.

My primary research area is geometric group theory, the study of topological and geometric properties of infinite discrete groups, as well as the actions of infinite discrete groups on topological and geometric spaces. See Jon McCammond's geometric group theory page for an overview of the geometric group theory research community.

My research focuses primarily on the Thompson groups F, T, and V and their relatives, including groups of synchronous and asynchronous automata such as the Grigorchuk group and iterated monodromy groups. I am most interested in connections between these groups and other areas of mathematics, including automata and formal languages, dynamical systems, and fractal geometry.

Here are some of my Mathematica notebooks.

More details can be found at my