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Find Florida cities located in multiple counties?

Posted 1 year ago
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The Wolfram Language Mathematica program contained in notebook "JoinAcross-Counties-Adjacent Counties-Cities.nb" takes a list of Florida counties (and their respective adjacent counties) and performs a JoinAcross with another list of Florida counties (and their corresponding cities). The input files of the program are two Excel worbooks called "01-Counties-Adjacent Counties.xlsx" and "02-Florida Counties & Cities.xlsx". The output file of the program is an Excel workbook called "FL-Counties-AdjacentCounties-Cities.xlsx". Make sure that you save: "JoinAcross-Counties-Adjacent Counties-Cities.nb" and the two input files into a working directory of your choosing before evaluating the program. When you open "JoinAcross-Counties-Adjacent Counties-Cities.nb"; make sure to press the "Enable Dynamics" blue button (located at the right-upper corner of the nootebook) before evaluating the program. The program illustrates how to use "SemanticImport" and "Dataset" to "JoinAcross" tables and how to export the desired final table to your working directory. Query Language commands are used to answer the following questions: (1.) What Florida cities are located in multiple counties? and (2.) What counties lack cities located in them?

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Anonymous User
Posted 1 year ago

State laws (often) make having one county or city inside another illegal - though they do it. They problem is that if you overlap authority then politicians can use a finger pointing game - and certainly will. Another thing they overlap that they shouldn't is various administration jurisdictions - which again I would say state law says not to do (school district, aid district, voting district, other). I had an experience once when 3 agencies said it was in the other agencies district (circle jerk) and they were "not allowed to talk to me".

It's illegal for a reason.

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