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Conrad Wolfram
LOCATION: Oxfordshire, UK

I'm the younger Wolfram of Wolfram. I founded the European Wolfram Research in 1991 after Stephen set up the headquarters in the US. I've been CEO ever since.

From 1997 I have also been strategic director of the worldwide group and initiate and direct our business, marketing, design and a variety of strategic technical projects---everything from CDFs to webMathematica to conceptualizing In doing this I have formed new concepts of management including early use of website design to define strategy, "strategic bundles" and industry solutions sites as a way to verticalise activities.

I like figuring out how technology and computation can move our lives and economies forward and in turn how this affects education. In particular I realised that the school subject of maths has become almost totally discrepant from its real-world application and in 2010 founded to address this worldwide (starting with Estonia--our first country).

I have an MA from Cambridge University, UK where I read physics and mathematics.

For fun, I take photos and play the piano.

And as you might imagine, I'm a long-standing Mathematica user!