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Dean Liming
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LOCATION: Orient, Ohio
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Dean Liming He worked at Federal Glass for 16 years as a machinist, mould maker and CAD-CAM programmer. Then he worked as a pattern maker and a methods engineer, college teacher, Programming Manager, Micro system Supervisor, Client Support Manager, Senior Database Analyst and MIS director. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Franklin University and a MBA from Franklin University. He worked for Federal Glass, Pattern Shop, Sandvik Inc, Columbus State College, Franklin County Data Center, Franklin County Treasurer Office and Franklin County Children Services. He also was in the Army 1966-1968 in Korea. He does woodworking, photography, and church work. And he is a Care Giver for his mother and brother. He was married in 1968 to Martha who is also a Marion-Franklin graduate. No children but was able to travel all over the world and all states in U.S.A. Live on State Route 104 with the same address and telephone number since 1972.
He retired at age 60 to take care of his mom who has Alzheimer and his brother who has MS. He is still working as a substitute teacher in some of the local schools. He continues to program, do woodworking, reads five books a month, church work, computer consulting and is chair of ACM local chapter.