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Charles Elliott
LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA
WEBSITE: Not indicated
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I am a PhD candidate in Computer & Information Sciences at Temple University. My primary research interest is in recruiting more African Americans to Computer Science, specifically computer programming. However, one of my mentors is at Metso Automation. He wants me to learn something about computer reliability, which is largely statistics. So I am reviewing basic statistics. That led to purchasing a recent version of Mathematica, which led to here.

Not too many years ago, at the behest of one of the Temple University faculty, I sold Mathematica, Derive, and MacSyma to my fellow students. A business school graduate who thoroughly believes that a salesperson should know his product, I did a lot of reading about Mathematica and its precursors. Computer algebra systems have solved many problems in astrophysics and nuclear physics that might have been incapable of solution otherwise, so I became a real fan and used it in all my courses. You might not believe the amount of output Mathematica can generate solving a finite automata problem. It has been a real pleasure to return after a considerable hiatus.