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Emmanuel SALAWU
RRP Journals

Emmanuel completed his 6-year primary education in 5 years, received nine awards in one academic session (specifically as the overall best student in nine out of ten subjects he studied in his 5th year of secondary education), and completed his 6-year secondary education in 5 years. He is capable of designing scientific experiments and he has carried out research studies that got him authoring a number of scientific publications. In 2008, he got his bachelor degree in (medical) physiology, and currently studies for his PhD in the leading National University in Taiwan – National Tsing Hua University. The topmost research institute in Taiwan – Academia Sinica – supports his PhD studies/research, and Professor Lee-Wei Yang advises him. His current studies and research focus on knowledge-based potentials (within the domains of structural biology), protein structure and dynamics, and computational protein design. He spends his leisure designing a “search engine” (similar to, but different from, Google.) He recently built a multilingual website ( for publishing scholarship information. He has leadership experiences, and has held/currently holds important leadership/academic positions. For example, he served as the president (2012 to 2013) of Graduate Student Association (of which the 400+ PhD students of Taiwan International Graduate Program, Academia Sinica, are members). While serving in the National Youth Service Corps (2009 to 2010), he was elected as the President for the 60+ corps members serving at Ahmadu Bello University. In addition, he is an occasional reviewer for Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences.