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Eric Schulz
Walla Walla Community College / Author
LOCATION: Walla Walla, Washington
WEBSITE: Not indicated
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I began teaching mathematics at Walla Walla Community College in 1989 and I am still there because I love working with our students. My experience with Mathematica began long, long ago with v2, and has become rather extensive over the decades. I use Mathematica in my teaching and writing, I teach others how to use Mathematica, and I code in Mathematica to create tools and publish eTexts. All of the eTexts listed below have been written in Mathematica. Also, all of the eTexts have been published using Mathematica with a library of code I have developed over the years. Formally for CDF software and now for the Wolfram Cloud.

Items of note for the Wolfram Community

  • 2001 Wolfram Visiting Scholar
  • 2005 Visual Linear Algebra, Herman/Pepe/Schulz, Wiley. Early Mathematica eText.
  • 2008 Mathematica v7 was released with three palettes I created: Basic Math Assistant, Classroom Assistant, Writing Assistant. These palettes continue to ship in current releases of Mathematica in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.
  • 2010 Calculus, Briggs/Cochran/Gillett/Schulz, 1st edition, Pearson. Our calculus texts have been released as hardback printed texts and CDF eTexts containing over 700 interactive figures embedded in the eText.
  • 2011 Wolfram Innovator Award
  • 2012 Calculus for Scientists and Engineers, Briggs/Cochran/Gillett/Schulz, 1st edition, Pearson.
  • 2013 Precalculus, Schulz/Sachs/Briggs, Pearson. A CDF eText with ~400 interactive figures.
  • 2014 Calculus, Briggs/Cochran/Gillett/Schulz, 2nd edition, Pearson.
  • 2017 Precalculus, Schulz/Sachs/Briggs, 2nd edition, Pearson.
  • 2018 Calculus, Briggs/Cochran/Gillete/Schulz, 3rd edition, Pearson.
  • 2020/2021 Deployed the interactive precalculus and calculus eTexts in a private Wolfram Cloud for Pearson's MyLab.