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Gobithaasan R.U.
University Malaysia Terengganu
LOCATION: Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
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R.U. Gobithaasan received his undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Computer Modeling), M.Sc (Mathematics) and Ph.D (Computer-Aided Geometric Design) from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Upon the successful completion of his PhD in University Sains Malaysia (2010), Gobithaasan returned to work as a Senior lecturer teaching Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming Language, Geometric Modeling and Advanced Numerical Analysis courses to undergraduate students in UMT. His teaching is research-led and compliments all aspects of his field of expertise. These courses have grown from strength to strength and gave him the opportunity to teach research-based mathematics to undergraduates and provided a source of able postgraduates who would be suitable to undertake M.Sc and Ph.D within his research area. He is currently supervising 2 doctorates, 5 masters and 5 undergradute students carrying out CAGD projects. He delivered numerous talks, has written over 30 international journal/research papers and enjoys answering curious questions pertaining to Computer(Geometric) Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAD/CAGD/CAM). He envisions to bridge both the practical and theoretical knowledge in order to contribute further to the field of CAD/CAGD/CAM. His current research is concerned with the mathematical aspects ofCAD/CAGD/CAM with a particular focus on geometry that is applied to develop robust solutions to engineering problems in aesthetic curve & surface modeling.