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Chingching Paus
LOCATION: Philippines
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Presentations, Movie making, Public speaking, while researching,developments in cloning, yet beyond,, a evolution in mankind and others to continue to develop the skills of young people to reach the impossible dream. Yes, that means your child(robot) would be life that is electronic in matter that produces tissue, cells to help heal, splice, repairing accidents or even comas. Similar to a ghost, but designed to be the professor or skilled surgeon, a trusted guardian.

When teaching my son the construction of the IBM 8088 chip. He would want to play games. I told him when he graduates from college and is the director of Information Systems, remember my wisdom. Over the years with his knowledge increasing, the wisdom is pasted on to the next generation.

That is why my American husband, whom is thirty years older admires that money means nothing to me. God is faithful to provide and during our mission of being a Good Samaritan, t.he victims the typhoons of 2009 are blessed. Now with Yolanda, spending five months in a mission of hope, with the vision of Medical Herbal Medicine, again we know we have followed Jesus.

Yes, if possible the creation of the model of Biblical Character, in artificial intelligence, understanding the TEN commandments, being filled with compassion to help the fragile human to achieve the victory The SHALOM, mankind is starving and in earnest quest for, the living water of life from heaven.