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Hugh Jones
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LOCATION: Arlington, Virginia
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Howdy all!

work in progress! but briefly...

PhD electro-physics, BSEE, BA psychology (thesis on nanosecond spark discharges in highly pressured water).

I put a lot of energy into photography for about the last ten years. Interested in all kinds, but always like to break new ground.

I am now exploring more 'interactive' art. That led me to a 3D printing class, which led me to Grasshopper, Mathematica, Arduino and (with Mathematica!) to Raspberry Pi.

short-term Projects (next 12 months or so):

wooden mirror (ala Daniel Rozin: a 'mirror' created out of pieces of wood, where the pieces move to create an image of a person moving in front of the mirror via camera stream of data to actuators...)

feeding realtime merged video streams into, for example, Oculus or Meta. Oculus Rift is a head-mounted viewer for virtual reality - Meta is for augmented reality ('overlay' of information, graphics, etc onto 'actual' reality). I have been playing around with one of the Oculus sets. I am not so much into the 3D gaming, but am fascinated by the idea of mixing realities.

For example, I want to play around with meshing historical movies, paintings, images with the actual scene. Imagine walking in a city where as time progresses, the architecture of the buildings goes back in time. walking into a painting... Should be fun.

I also want to stream real-time mathematical surfaces into displays. Many things could modulate the surface generation.

3D LED cubes: 3D arrays of LEDs where they respond to movement or sound. Trying to learn that. I would like to have video input driving the display.

Am currently teaching myself Mathematica, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Oculus, Unity3D, Rhino/Grasshopper, and so much more...

Well, I love to learn new things/explore and am therefore by definition always a Noobie in many areas.

Here to learn and share when I have something useful.

Thank you all!