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Holly Glenn
Wolfram Research Inc. & Wolfram|Apla
LOCATION: United States

I have the privilege of working for one of the world's most respected and innovative software development companies, Wolfram. I lead a talented team of recruiting professionals, as we work to attract and hire top talent to join our organization. I have a strong passion for recruitment and selection, organizational planning, and employee development.

Wolfram, creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language, has been changing the world with our ideas and products for nearly three decades. We're looking for exceptional individuals who are clear-thinking, pragmatic and energetic about getting things done well—and we're less interested in what you've already done than in what you will do with Wolfram. Join us in our long-term vision to develop the science, technology and tools of the future!

Discover what makes Wolfram a pioneer in technical innovation and what opportunities await you!

Feel free to contact our recruiting team at, or myself directly at