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jriedel Riedel
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LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany
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Jürgen holds a Master’s degree in theoretical physics from the Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany. Since the mid 1990’s he started a career as a software developer, business analysts and IT trainer which led him to work in Europe as well the Americas specializing in the private banking financial area and Business Intelligence.

He also ventured in the field of education and developed a program to utilize robotics to boost the learning potential of students, which he applied in schools in The Bahamas as well as in Germany.

He is currently pursuing his PhD in theoretical physics at the Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany in collaboration with the research training group Models of Gravity, Germany. His research interests are in Classical Field Theory, non-topological solitons, and Black holes.

Jürgen is fascinated with the idea of emergence and how complexity arises from simple rules and constrains. He seeks to learn more about this fascinating topic.