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Kamil Luto
University of Rochester
LOCATION: Spencerport, NY
BLOG: Not indicated

Hi! I was born and raised in Poland, then lived in Chicago for 10 years, and now live in the little, beautiful Village of Spencerport in Upstate NY. I started pursuing a PhD degree at Simon Business School in 2016. I'm currently using Mathematica for research in Operations Management, especially Supply Chain. I'm in love with the Manipulate function which makes it so much easier to share my models with others.

Besides using Mathematica for my studies, I also try to learn how it could help small businesses become more efficient and profitable so that I could use it in the future to help small business owners. I get to experience the life of a small business owner first-hand since my wife is a wedding photographer. While it's a very stressful carreer at times, it's also very rewarding. I'm hoping that I can help her streamline her work with some of Mathematica's image processing capabilities in the near future. I'm including a link to our photography website for those who may share my passion of photography :-). I welcome any ideas for how Mathematica can be used for helping small businesses thrive!