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Luan Ozelim
University of Brasilia
LOCATION: Brasilia, Brazil
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In 2012, Luan received a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from University of Brasilia, Brazil, and in 2014 he obtained his PhD degree in Geotechnics at the same university. Throughout his undergraduate studies, even though deeply interested in engineering, Mathematics and Applied Physics stood out as favorite areas of study. He has worked on the theory and application of special functions to science, exploring how this amazing class of functions can be applied to analytically solve problems in Mathematical Statistics, Physics and Engineering. In special, great part of his work involves generalized hypergeometric functions, such as the H-function. Concerning the Applied Physics side of his research interests, modeling flow through porous media plays a central role. By the end of his undergraduate course, he was introduced to cellular automata philosophy, being instantaneously amazed by the latter. In fact, his undergraduation project was related to the usage of elementary cellular automata to model contaminant transport through soils, which ultimately led to the defintion of the iota-delta function. His PhD dissertation is related to using 3D printing, Cellular Automata and Tomographies to understand soils' structure. In his free time, staying with his family, listening to good music and watching movies are the preferred activities.