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Manjunath Babu
Manjunath Babu
Syracuse University
LOCATION: Syracuse, New York
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Manjunath Babu is currently pursuing MS in Computer Engineering program at Syracuse University, New York, USA. He has a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering. He has worked in communication networks research area, data systems, automation and software development in his company. He first encountered about Wolfram Mathematica in the year 2010 and gave a presentation during his undergrad. Manjunath was selected as a Wolfram Student Ambassador at Syracuse University since Jan 2016. He was invited as a mentor from Wolfram Research to the NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon 2016 in New York City, encouraging and helping people build apps using Wolfram technology stack. He is currently an avid reader of Stephen Wolfram's 'A New Kind Of Science' book and intends to use these concepts in his projects.

His interests are Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization and its related areas. In his free time, he solves Rubik's cube blindfolded, listens to tech podcasts, explores Wolfram Community and likes to think about the future of education innovation.