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Mark Braithwaite
Wolfram Research Europe Ltd
LOCATION: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
WEBSITE: Not indicated
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I am a member of Wolfram Research Europe's tech team as a technical consultant. This means I spend my time providing our sales team with technical information, coding, reports and more. I do get to spend some of my time elbow deep in the Wolfram language supporting the rest of my team with bug fixes and the like.

My background is in Physics with a degree received at Aberystwyth University in Wales. My dissertation was on the optical properties of novel semi-conductor thin films. The idea was to determine how the addition of quantum dots of various sizes would effect the photo-luminescence quenching of the semi-conducting ultra-thin films. During my degree Wolfram|Alpha came into play a lot in assisting me with my mathematics coursework, a large amount of time was also spent coding to produce scripts that would run though large data sets. So when the job came up at Wolfram to work with the technologies behind it all I couldn't help myself and applied.