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Martin Chalkley
University of York
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I am an academic health economist in the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York and do research on incentives in health care delivery. I do mathematics for recreation. These days I mostly work on data and I use R and Stata. I have previously worked on economic theory and for that, at various times, I used Mathematica -- the last time about 15 years ago. I am getting back into some theoretical work now, studying optimal incentive contracts and so picking Mathematica back up. I am very rusty with it. I very much appreciate the structure of Mathematica .... everything is an 'Expression' .... very neat and very unified. I know a bit more maths now than I did 15 years ago (I did an Open University maths degree in my spare time) and so like understanding a bit more of what is under the skin of this program. Wish I had had access to it whilst doing an introduction to Group Theory!

I am also an editor of the Journal of Health Economics, Scottish Journal of Political Economy and the and an associate editor of the Bulletin of Economic Research.

I have worked as a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Southampton (1984-1999) a Professor of Economics at the University of Dundee (1999-2011) and took up my position in York on 01/08/2011.

I was President of the Scottish Economic Society from 2006-2008 and the Director of the Work and Wellbeing Programme of the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics from 2007 to 2010.


  • Remuneration and incentives for the purchase of health care
  • Incentives and performance of health care professions
  • Incentives and performance in health care labour markets
  • The impact of market structure on health care