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Rodrigo Obando
Rodrigo Obando
Columbus State University
LOCATION: Columbus, GA
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Rodrigo A. Obando, is an Associate Professor in the TSYS School of Computer Science at Columbus State University. He holds a BS in Electronics Engineering and a Master's and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Throughout his professional career he has worked for a computer company, TV Broadcasting station, electrical company, airline and finally ended up doing research for NASA Langley creating a series of Fault-Tolerant Multi-computer Operating Systems for Deep Space probes along with performance analysis tools and simulations. He was a consultant and the IS Director for a national company before coming into academia. He created the Games Track in the School of Computer Science and now teaches Games Programming, Computer Graphics, Object-Oriented Design and Game Design. He has also founded Ringtuple, Inc., a games company with the tagline "Making the Games You Never Played." He has published several games, Alquemist2e, Alquemist's Maze, and Alquemist's Ascendance all based on Cellular Automata. He attended Wolfram's NKS Summer School in 2004 which has spawned his research interests in Complex Systems, Cellular Automata Rule Spaces, Monotone Boolean functions, among others. He primarily uses Mathematica for his research.