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Pablo Sanchez
LOCATION: Quito, Ecuador
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I´m a biologist specialized in ecology and have worked all over the Ecuadorian tropics from the rainforest to the highlands and the Galapagos. After all that experience I started to see the need to include biodiversity in the equations of economics, and for a while now I've been looking on ways to integrate ecology and economics in a formalized way through the concept of diversity and complex dynamical systems. A few years back until recently I decided that the best way to safe biodiversity was to take a more pragmatic way and started a Company focused on developing technology that would give aboriginal communities access to innovation, thus include aggregated value to their products. These communities often have access to natural resources but are exploited by traders and undervalued by society , by giving them the option to make traditional crafts with a technological update will give them cultural pride and an opportunity to maintain their communities in a sustainable way. This august I was awarded a scholarship for a masters program in development economics at Flacso Ecuador which I´m just starting and I'm planning to apply all the dynamical systems analysis that I'm learning on line .