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Praveen Kumar M
LOCATION: Bangalore, Karnataka
BLOG: Not indicated

Right from my childhood, I used not to get happy doing one particular thing. I had the curiosity and tenacity to checkout multiple things that my hand can hold while not compromising one work's quality for the other. Probably, this is the best trait which had held on with me for ages !!!

Hello. This is Praveen Kumar, a Doctorate of Medicine degree holder in Clinical Pharmacology from one of India's top medical institutes, PGIMER, Chandigarh. In accordance with my trait, clinical pharmacology itself is a broad specialty dealing with drugs and problems associated with patient treatment; besides, we also undertake formal clinical trials training. Currently, I am working as a Lead Clinical Scientist at Nference.

I have a voracious research appetite with a stellar achievement track record, including VK Bhargava Gold Medal for being the best outgoing student in preclinical sciences from PGIMER, Chandigarh. I was also among the top 650 scientists selected across all science streams to participate in the prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Alumni meeting in Germany for the year 2020.

I like to be a strong team player. This helped me contribute to 60 indexed publications across different specialties of medicine and surgery. I am self-trained in programming languages like R, Python, and Unix to solve medical problems and improve efficiency through automation.

My passion is to discover drugs that bring about meaningful change in patient care and to conduct ground-breaking clinical trials that change the landscape of patient treatment.