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Russell Kramer
LOCATION: Massachusetts
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Hello, it's a thrill to join the Wolfram community where i can contribute to something greater than i can achieve myself.

With a holistic perspective I've delved into both art and science finding a special place where the two integrate into a cosmic whole. Some influences include Barbara Hero who is involved in the study and application of the Lambdoma Matrix expressing her insights through both art, music and technology. Buckminster Fuller who discovered and applied many aspects of natures "synergetic" geometry arriving at the "Isotrropic Vector Matrix" as a fundamental structure in nature.

Mamikon Mnatsakanian: My informal relation and studies with Mamikon are truly inspiring. Mamikon has developed a "sweeping tangent theorem" for calculating areas and volumes with little or no mathematics and applies his geometric methods in physics. His goal is to make his sweeping tangent theorem into a teaching curriculum suited for young children and make science and math accessible to all levels. The art work of MC Escher inspired my visual sense of geometry. The "Synchrographics" of Robert Marshall has given me great insight into the concept of number fields which applies directly to the Bi-Radial matrix. There are a host of other influences to this work as well. Also the technique itself includes the expression of art and math. These are ideals I aspire to. Isaac Asimov has inspired me to write science in a manner that is accessible to lay people and non-specialists with a genuine desire to learn.

This body of work has been profoundly influenced by the the writings of Lee Smolin of the Permimeter Institute and Stephen Wolfram president of Wolfram Research. There are many others of course and in time their influence will be revealed through my ongoing projects. In retrospect I've have focused largely on learning and applying universal languages: visual art, music, mathematics and geometry. To this I apply "English" to write about my discoveries and research. Research requires funding and to date I have funded my own research through my professional employment which has positively influenced my thinking about science and technology.

Along the way I spent 10 years in industry as an application engineer including machining radar wave guides for a multi-phased array radar system "J-Stars" using computer numerical control machining. This involves the use of machine languages a basic form of programming language This has given me a great deal of technical understanding in both in materials, manufacturing and radar. Radar "runs in my family." My mother worked at a top secret installation during world War 2 called "Radiation Lab" on the campus of MIT where radar was first developed for war time and later civilian use. I was fortunate to meet the team at MIT responsible for archiving the detailed Radiation Lab photographs and files dating back to this period learning a great deal about the early days of radar. Fate had me continue to work in industry.

At Computer Ergonomics and Ergo Works developed and marketed Ergonomic solutions of commercial office interiors. I was fortunate to be part of the early manufacturing of ergonomic wrist rests and market ergonomic solutions for corporate computer work environments. This inspired me to develop and patent the Ergonomic Portable Computer.

SMED International who developed modular office interiors, architectural movable wall systems, raised flooring and designed integrated interior systems to create "smart buildings". This was innovation at it's best and my job was to develop new markets for these innovative "constructive solutions" for improving work force performance while optimizing the positive impact of the interior work environment.

I mention about my professions concurrent with my research and development because the experience in manufacturing has shown me how innovation can be translated into real solutions for major problems. This gives me a constant nudge to find real world applications for my research involving the Bi-Radial Matrix. Energy and propulsion being two major applications. Hence a constant eye towards "engineerable" systems.

There is the spiritual side. This has included being raised in the Unitarian faith. Over time this has for me come to embrace Native American influences including healing, dance, drumming journeying and other spiritual practices. For an extended period I worked with a native American Cherokee Medicine Woman and other Shamans dealing with native healing, soul retrieval and personal development.