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Rob Brown
Retired and still learning
LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York, USA
BLOG: Not indicated

I am an aging, retired individual. During my life, I have had jobs in everything from Electronics Engineering to Substance Abuse Counseling. At this point, I am increasing my knowledge and my skills to include things that I couldn't devote time to when I was working. I am interested in history (all kinds) and am dabbling in digital art. I graduated from Engineering School in 1972. In those days, we didn't even have calculators and had to do your calculation with a slide rule. I remember doing things like inverting matrices by hand with dread, and calculating by the frequency response of filters, using for instance Fourier Transforms or Laplace Transforms was a drudgery of algebraic calculation that sometimes took pages, even for a simple filter, and had infinite opportunity for errors along the way. That is why I am so fascinated by Mathematica. Oh, if only there was a Mathematica when I was in college.