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Raghav Sriram
Raghav Sriram
Carmel High School
LOCATION: Carmel, Indiana
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Raghav Sriram is an innovative, self-motivated high school student and full-stack developer with a passion for computational biology and machine learning. Raghav has always been fascinated by biofilms and their evasive characteristics. Before the pandemic, he wanted to research the viability of nanoparticles in treating biofilms, and this motivation to research biofilms persisted as he fell in love with machine learning and computation during the quarantine where he eventually qualified for ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) and was awarded a 3rd place grand prize in the Chemistry category. Apart from conducting research at the Kihara Bioinformatics Laboratory at Purdue University, Raghav is the co-founder of AcademiaEdge, a nonprofit organization that makes expensive programming courses more accessible by offering completely free and high-quality coding classes taught by experienced and qualified high school and college instructors, and plays tennis and ping pong competitively. In Raghav's free time, you will find him singing pop music not very well and playing TypeRacer with his friends.