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Miyadera Ryohei
Kwansei Gakuin High School
LOCATION: NIshinomiya City
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I have been teaching mathematics at Kwansei Gakuin High School for 34 years. My main interest has been to teach high school students to create new formulas using Mathematica. I and my students have published more than 30 refereed papers, and the recent research results have been published as
“Grundy Numbers of Impartial Three- Dimensional Chocolate-Bar Games, Integers Vol.21B (2021) #A19”, “Variant of Wythoff’s Game-Corner Two Rooks Journal of Information Processing 28 970 - 975 2020”, “Impartial Chocolate Bar Games, Grundy Numbers of Impartial Chocolate Bar Games, Integers Volume 20, 2020”, “IMPARTIAL CHOCOLATE BAR GAMES WITH A PASS, Integers Volume 16, 2016” and “Impartial Chocolate Bar Games, Integers Volume 15, 2015”. I got Ph.D.(mathematics) at Osaka City University in 1992, and I got Ph.D. (mathematics education using computer algebra) at Kobe (national) University in 2006. I got Excellent Teacher Award from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan in 2012. I got Wolfram Innovator Award in 2012. Our team of students and teachers got Koshiba Award (a award named after a Nobel laureates Dr. Masatoshi Koshiba) A part of my activity with my students was published as an article "Chocolate Games -How High School Students Discovered New Formulas Using Mathematica-" in Mathematica Journal Volume 15, 2013.