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Jaded DreamKing
Homemaker / Homeremoder / Homebuilder
LOCATION: Minnesota
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The Beverly Hill Billy Story. I went out hunting for a rabbit named 1/7, shot a hole in the ground by accident, 1/((10^n)-1 came gushing up. I investigated and found I had struck oil. I think most people would have just dismissed it as a mess of numbers and kept after the rabbit.

Super-Creative type, continually come up with ideas that have already been thought and turned out to be successful. More interested in theory than dogma.

Had a dyslexia with understanding logs and change of base equation. Half-flunked Pre-Cal because of that. Took Calculus, failed miserably with anything log related. 6 years later, I re-invented the wheel and sort of came up with logs myself as a way to track the "decimal gain" of a product of numbers. I came up with log_10.

Also discovered that logs and roots are exactly related, by:
( b^((loga(b))^-1)) = a = the ((loga(b)) root of b

And found that (loga(b))^-1 = logb(a) and vice versa.

Haven't seen those in a textbook yet. If I had only seen that 6 years ago... I might be working in the patent office.

Starting to get back into the math now. Pursuing a theory that would enable me to generate primes and also generate a subset of numbers that are the intersection or subset of primes and another set of a format of a number.