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Sunny Wang
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Sunny Wang is a rising sophomore at Camas High School in Washington. From a young age, he has shown a strong passion for math, music, and computer science. He has competed in numerous math competitions, such as Mathcounts or AMC, and was a two time AIME qualifier. During school, he participates in a math club, which he founded this year, along with Science Olympiad, Knowledge Bowl, and varsity tennis. He is also a part of a magnet program, which focuses on research projects. Outside of school, Sunny has played piano competitively for 11 years, placing in competitions and scholarships such as MTNA and OFMC. He also formed a string trio which placed at the Washington Solo & Ensemble competition, and plays in his schoolÂ’s jazz band and orchestra. He enjoys working with Python, JavaScript, and Unity. In his free time, he likes to create origami and solve Rubik's cubes.