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Terence Smith
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LOCATION: United Kingdom
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I have been programming since the late 1980's. Using C/C++ in a variety of environments mainly academic. I have a BTEC Higher National Diploma in computing from a United Kingdom college. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and computing. Obtained from the Open University in the United Kingdom. I am not a professional programmer as such. But through academic paths I have been involved in projects that make use of parallel computing and computational mathematics. I once built my own 20 node cluster using NT-MPICH to carry out computational mathematics for a local company. I wrote all the programs required by the company myself.

I am currently able to program using C# as well as C/C++. Finally with an interest in programming and mathematics it was obvious I would end using Mathematica. For several years now I have been using Mathematica as a tool to do my own research into A.I. and robotics. Also machine learning.

I work with computers in a CAD/CAM environment by day. When I get home I have created a small robotics studio. I now plan to use Mathematica as a Robot Operating System.

Mathematica is now controlling three of my robots. At a very simplified level at the moment.

I am a hobbyist and not a professional but as a friend once told me she does not know many professionals that put in the hours that I do.