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Tony Mannucci
Jet Propulson Laboratory, NASA
LOCATION: Pasadena, CA
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Dr. Anthony J. Mannucci is Deputy Manager and the Tracking Systems and Applications Section at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a Principal Member of the Technical Staff, and a Senior Research Scientist. His group focuses on scientific applications of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals, such as the US GPS. Dr. Mannucci leads a group that produces atmospheric science data from NASA-developed GPS radio occultation receivers onboard the CHAMP, SAC-C, GRACE and COSMIC missions. He has served as a member of the NASA CLARREO mission science team. Dr. Mannucci manages development of the Global Assimilative Ionosphere Model jointly developed at the University of Southern California and JPL. He has played a major role in developing the Federal Aviation Administration’s GPS navigation system for aircraft (called WAAS) and is a charter member of the WAAS Integrity Performance Panel. He is lead author on a review article published in 1999 concerning the use of GPS receivers for ionospheric measurements, and holds patents pertaining to the design of differential GPS systems and using GPS data for remote sensing purposes. Dr. Mannucci has served on NASA’s Living With a Star Targeted Research and Technology Steering Committee in 2005-2008 and 2012-2015, and the NASA LWS Mission Operations Working Group in 2005-2008. He served as a member of the National Science Foundation’s CEDAR Science Steering Committee 2012-2014. He co-organized the 2007 Chapman Conference on Mid-Latitude Ionospheric Dynamics and Disturbances and is co-editor of the associated American Geophysical Union Monograph Volume 181.

Research Interests

Dr. Mannucci’s research interests include ionospheric responses to the prompt phase of large geomagnetic storms, solar wind-ionosphere coupling focused on solar coronal mass ejections and coronal holes, the response of the ionosphere to solar flares, fundamental physics of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling and space weather forecasting. Dr. Mannucci’s atmospheric interests include climate observations using GNSS radio occultation data, high vertical resolution remote sensing of the troposphere and stratosphere, and water vapor in the boundary layer. Dr. Mannucci is currently developing a radio occultation climate record for NASA’s Earth System Data Records Uncertainty Analysis program. He is PI of a NASA Living With A Star research program to forecast space weather in the ionosphere and thermosphere. Dr. Mannucci co-developed the widely used Global Ionospheric Mapping technique for ionospheric total electron content (TEC), and is a co-developer of the rate-of-TEC-index (ROTI) to monitor ionospheric turbulence using GNSS receivers. He is currently developing remote sensing techniques that expand the capabilities of reflected GNSS signals for Earth System Science.