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Tony Thrall
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LOCATION: Mountain View, California
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After completing my PhD in Statistics under David Brillinger at UC Berkeley I worked with Wil Dixon at UCLA to develop statistical software and provide statistical consulting to UCLA medical researchers.

Building on this consulting experience, I joined Systems Applications to form and manage a statistical consulting group within the company's environmental consulting practice. I was fortunate to recruit Tom Permutt and Stella Grosser, now at the FDA. I continued my work in environmental statistics at the Electric Power Research Institute, where I joined Ron Wyzga and Abe Silvers, both fellows of the ASA, working under the direction of economist Stephen Peck to manage studies of energy-environment interactions.

I then turned from the environment to education, a longstanding interest of mine. Working with Professor Jim Greeno, I completed a master’s degree in education at Stanford in 1994. I went on to develop educational software in the mathematical sciences at Stanford, Key Curriculum Press, and Pearson Education. In addition, since 1997 I have been teaching an introductory statistics course through UC Berkeley Extension to serve professionals in their current work or in their application to MBA programs or other graduate studies.

In 2005 I joined Yahoo! Inc. to recruit and manage a team of statisticians whose analyses guide the refinement of the company’s search engine. Building on this professional experience, I joined eBay in 2010 as Director of Experiment Design and Analysis.

Specialties:* Building & leading analytic teams in environment, energy, internet, & other industries * Developing new consultancy clients * Writing & editing peer-reviewed publications & technical reports * Analysis of & algorithmic adaptation to individual patterns of human-computer interaction * Teaching & instructional software development for the mathematical sciences