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Valentina Biagini
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LOCATION: Rome, Italy
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Employment Consulting Networking

She is Teaching Assistant at the 2017 Wolfram Summer School. She worked as a Data Scientist Consultant for an IBM business partner in Italy, providing support in the whole analytic process, from data understanding to business understanding. She obtained a Master's Degree in Theoretical Physics, with thesis "Inference of local topology of Wikipedia from visits time series", at "La Sapienza" University of Rome, her hometown. During her studies she developed a great interest in statistical mechanics, stochastic process, graph theory, networks and complex systems. She studied and worked on developing algorithms on graphs to extract meaningful information from real systems. On July 2013 she attended the Wolfram Science Summer School in Boston (MA), where she studied what popularity of Wikipedia articles tells about the network structure. During her Master she worked on networks of proteins, using algorithms on graphs to find hydrophobicity cores in a set of disordered proteins. And she also worked on networks in financial market, studying the correlations between the S&P indices before and after the 2008 financial crisis. For her Bachelor's thesis, "Graph analysis in terms of k-cores", she studied the k-cores decomposition of a real network, based on a mapping of Internet. She spent one year at "Denis Diderot" University of Paris, and she took a few years off, focusing on her others great passions: photography and darkroom. During this time she collaborated with the SHL Group (IT), that specializes in employment assessment and testing, and she created hundreds of Physics tests and quizzes for them.

She loves spending time in the darkroom, when she can, developing and printing black and white photos. She finds it like a Zen exercise, "it is like sculpting the light".