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Douglas Lewit
Student at Illinois Institute of Technology
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Hey there, I'm a graduate student at IIT in Chicago. (Illinois Institute of Technology.) I have been using both Maple and Mathematica for several years, and now I'm just starting to learn a little about Matlab. I really love these mathematical software packages! They are amazing and have helped me to do a very detailed and successful exploration of the mathematical world. I also have some experience as a high school teacher and community college teacher, although right now I'm a full-time grad student at IIT. Before starting IIT I was at Northeastern Illinois University where I earned a BA in Psychology and an MS in Mathematics. I took my education courses at National-Louis University. I am currently 49 years old. I have many interests, and not all of them are related to math and computers. For example, I love working with metals and used to take some traditional blacksmith classes in the western part of North Carolina. I also love horseback riding. I am passionate about history, especially the history of the American West.

I guess that's all for now. Take care and thank you! MATHEMATICA IS A GREAT PROGRAM! I love it!