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Vinay Chaudhri
Independent Consultant
LOCATION: Sunnyvale, CA

Dr. Vinay K. Chaudhri is an independent researcher with expertise in artificial intelligence, and more specifically, in knowledge representation and reasoning, question answering, ontologies, knowledge acquisition, and innovative applications.

He is currently consulting with the Logic Group at Stanford University to promote logic education for secondary schools, to investigate techniques for rapidly acquiring formal knowledge about income tax law, and to create a product out of intelligent textbook research that he previously did at SRI International.

He is formerly a program director in the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International where one of his main project was to create the AI technology necessary to enable an intelligent textbook in biology that answers a student’s questions and leads to significant learning gains.

He has co-edited a volume on the Theory and Application of Conceptual Modeling, and two special issues of AI Magazine — one on Question Answering Systems, and another on application of AI to Contemporary and Emerging Education Challenges. He currently serves on the editorial boards of AI Magazine and the Journal of Applied Ontology.