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Gary Boswell
LOCATION: Hamilton, Texas
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I am a tired and retired ex corporate manager in the high-tech field and an out of date programmer and mathematician. Still I enjoy playing around with Mathematica -- doing programming -- it sure beats Fortran and Share assembly language, my specialties. Mathematica is also very helpful in learning new areas of mathematics.

Unfortunately, the language is growing faster than this old-timer can now learn. I started programming in 1958 on a tube IBM 704. I have a patent on the design of a supercomputer that in 1974 was the world's fastes and largest computer. I have managed the development of many very large software projects. So I have survived a lot of change. But change is now coming too fast. I feel overwhelmed. Yet I try to keep up. I am now 86 years old.

I am looking forward to reading and learning from the many talented contributors herein.