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Yasaman (Yasmin) Moghadamnia
Yasaman (Yasmin) Moghadamnia
University of Delaware
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I was originally trained as a physicist, by earning my first master's degree in condensed matter physics, where I did research on cancer modeling techniques.

I then switched gears somehow to study the most interesting systems in my opinion: living systems. I obtained a second master's degree in molecular biophysics from Johns Hopkins University, where I worked on stochastic modeling of biological systems, particularly clathrin-mediated endocytosis.

I am currently a PhD candidate in bioinformatics and computational biology, but I am hired by two biomedical engineering labs. In the Zurakowski lab I create mathematical models to study drug distribution mechanisms, based on the experimental data I receive from the Gleghorn lab.

I work on HIV spatial and pharmacokinetic modeling, studying antiretroviral drug distribution in certain tissues such as the lymph node. I have worked on parallel projects including biomedical image analysis, computer vision and deep learning semantic segmentation to help with the first aims of my research.

In addition to all of my mathematical skills, I have some experience with lab techniques. These include protein purification techniques, HPLC and CD spectroscopy and more.

My big passion is to be able to understand living systems using my mathematics and physics toolbox.