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Avoid problems with Fluid library in System Modeler 5?


I'm happy to see version 5 now supports the Media library. Is there some reason the Fluid library is not supported?

I of course tried 3.2.2 Fluid library from with mixed results.

It would be helpful if I knew what it is about the Fluid library System Modeler 5 has trouble with and when you plan to support it.


POSTED BY: Eric Meyers
13 days ago

Hi Eric,

I am glad support for the Media library is useful for you. Currently, two specialized features used in the Fluid library is not fully supported: homotopy-based initialization and stream connectors.

We are aware that the Fluid library is sought after by many users and the development team is hard at work with including support for this. Though I cannot give you any exact dates, it is a high priority and we hope to see the library supported in the near future.

POSTED BY: Patrik Ekenberg
11 days ago

Thanks Patrik. That's helpful. I've been holding out since I really need stream connectors. Glad to hear you're working on it.

POSTED BY: Eric Meyers
3 days ago

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