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3D plot of a massive ellipsoid?

Posted 2 years ago
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In the excellent blog on the Rosetta Mission, Rosetta—First Mission to Orbit and Land on a Comet, examples of how to obtain 3D plots of both a massive cuboid and a massive ball are given. However, I am unable to determine how to modify these examples for the case of a massive ellipsoid. In the case of just an ellipsoid, one specifies the x,y,z positions and the ellipsoid dimensions. However, in the case of a massive ellipsoid the position coordinate trio appear to have dimensions of mass. Neither the massive cuboid nor the massive ball have this. Thus a simple application using Graphics3D doesn't work. I was attempting to modify the Rosetta Mission code to model an approach to 16 Psyche (i.e., the new NASA mission to an asteroid).

3 Replies

What do you mean with 'massive'? large? some snapshot or links or description would be very helpful.

Posted 2 years ago

I have attached the RossetaMission.cdf Using a "massive ellipsoid" enables one to calculate its gravitational potential. I am discussing a mathematica construct.


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