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The "Chaos Game" can anyone create this game I found online in Mathematica?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi all, Johanna Voolich and Robert L. Devaney from Boston University have this game posted online:

I love it and have used it in my class for many years... however, our IT guy at our school is becoming more and more frustrated as it has compatibility issues with JAVA, does not work at all on Chrome, security issues, and more. I am no wiz at this stuff, but can usually get it working on my computer. My students however, some can, some cannot...

An ideal solution would be to have this game, with the 3 types as a CDF demo? Anyone looking for a challenge? Programing this is out of my league...

Hi --

If you look on the Demonstrations Project website and search for Chaos Game, you can come across at least two examples of code that will do this. Devaney's example is just a special case of a far more general.

Coding is probably not out of your league -- with sufficient motivation. One good way to learn to code is top examine other people's code, and the demonstrations project is a good place to start.

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