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Where can outsource my Mathematica problem?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hello community

I am a big Mathematica fan and I am using this software for a couple of years now. Usually if I need some help I look in the web or ask people here in this forum. This works great and I always learn a lot. Recently I was posting a problem which is very important to me:

Link to the half finished solution to my problem

I got great help here in the forum and I am very thankful for it. Unfortunately the problem was not solved completely which is very sad. I am (until now) unable to solve it by my own. I would need much more time (which I don't have) to solve it. I was trying to contact the main contributor to my question (his name is Anton), but without any success so far.

I was wondering if you know any freelancer or data science companies who can solve these "more complex" questions for some money? I think for someone with a good background in math and Mathematica (like Anton) the problem can easily be solved.

Don't get me wrong. I am not asking anybody to do my job! I am looking for professional help, because I really want to solve this problem. If there is someone who likes to help me for free, that's fine too and I would appreciate it a lot, but the purpose of this post is sth. else. If somebody in the forum knows how to contact Anton, this would be helpful too (although I am not so sure if this not violates against the community guidelines).

Hope you can help me!


PS: If you need a more detailed explanation about my Mathematica problem I am happy to explain it to you. Just let me know.

2 Replies

Hi Peter, there are several professionals in Germany and elsewhere. Maybe we can help you. Check out my profile and send me email. Rolf


In looking over your problem, I have some suggestions for you that should save you time and money. (Its free advice -- I am too busy now on existing projects) Email me at neils at the domain from my profile.



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