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Wolfram Language and NKS consulting

Posted 7 years ago

Recently I decided to work on some of my own projects, and so I left Wolfram Research after almost 17 years. I still have some time on the side to do some consulting if anyone needs a consultant for a project involving Wolfram technologies.

While I am familiar with many of the new tools in Wolfram Language, my specialty is scientific modeling following the ideas in Stephen Wolfram's book A New Kind of Science. The basic idea is to search and find simple rules that help you understand something or solve a problem, and this is something that I've been successfully helping people with at the Wolfram Summer School where I was the academic director from 2003-2016. Even though the book has been out since 2002, the applications are still rapidly growing. This approach is very flexible. It can be used almost anytime that traditional approaches don't work, on problems easy or hard, from art to finance to engineering.

So let me know if you are interested. You can contact me at

POSTED BY: Todd Rowland
Posted 5 months ago

Hey Todd,

looking for someone with NKS expertise to support me on one of my projects.

Please message me at

(I tried messaging your wolfram email without success)

POSTED BY: Vince Nguyen
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