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Repointing Mathematica V8 Client to new License Manager

Posted 11 years ago

I currently have Mathematica version 8 installed on my machine and need to point it to a new license manager server. I have looked through all menus and cannot find the setting that allows me to change the server name I am connecting to.

Does anyone know how to do this?

POSTED BY: Giancarlo Leto
2 Replies
In Mathematica 9 and later, you can do this by going to (Help> About Mathematica...) or on Mac (Mathematica > About Mathematica...) and clicking your activation key.

This brings you back to Mathematica's activation dialog. Click "Other ways to Activate" and  then "Connect to a network license server".
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
In Mathematica, licensing information is usually stored in a file called 'mathpass'. There are three typical locations where this file can live: In the installation directory under Configuration/Licensing, in a system-wide directory called $BaseDirectory and in a user-specific directory called $UserBaseDirectory. The platform specific locations can be found in the documentation, I include the links at the end of this post.

To change to a different license manager server you will need to edit this mathpass file directly, for example with a simple text editor.

Assuming you can can still start and run Mathematica you can also find the mathpass file by evaluating this:

And look at the content of the file with this:

Or open the file with an external editor with this:
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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