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Open for Heading/Teaching STEM School/Curricula based on Wolfram Language

Posted 7 years ago

I am a STEM Educator passionate about reforming education and classroom learning using Wolfram Technology Stack.

POSTED BY: Abhijeet Gawande
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Thank you.

POSTED BY: Abhijeet Gawande

You may also reach me using my personal email address: altenburger (dot) hslu (dot) ch (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks. But the email isnt going through. Its reporting a blocked error. Do you have any other email address or can you add me into your contact book.

POSTED BY: Abhijeet Gawande

Hello Abhijeet,

Thank you for sharing your contact details. Please feel free to email me at adrian (dot) altenburger (at) lucernevalleyusd (dot) org with your presentation and resume. Looking forward to our cooperation.

Hello Adrian, Kindly share your email address.


POSTED BY: Abhijeet Gawande


Could you please share your speaker presentation via email or Dropbox? We are opening a new STEM program at Lucerne Valley Elementary School.

Our SmartLab classroom principles are based on the components for renewable energy and lab report help on tech innovations and progress. What STEM topics can you offer for teaching online, if it's suitable for you?

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