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Examples of Query[]

Posted 7 years ago

I routinely work with nested Associations that might be efficiently queried and manipulated with the Query[] command, but I have trouble making the command do what I want. A trivial example:

The following dataset describes a couple of grades at a hypothetical secondary school.

sampleStructure = {<|"grade" -> 11, 
    "students" -> {<|"name" -> "bill", "age" -> 15|>, <|
       "name" -> "susan", "age" -> 16|>}|>, <|"grade" -> 12, 
    "students" -> {<|"name" -> "manuel", "age" -> 16|>, <|
       "name" -> "morris", "age" -> 17|>, <|"name" -> "jackie", 
       "age" -> 16|>}|>};

Problem 1 (solved): We want to pass over the entire school, assigning a grade to every student. The process is designed to be perfectly objective and remove any chance of favoritism by the teacher -- if the student's age is an even number, he or she gets an A-, otherwise a B+.

Solution: Query[All, All, All, <|#, "score" -> If[EvenQ@#["age"], "A-", "B+"]|> &]@sampleStructure

Problem 2 (unsolved): How might one assign grades on the basis of each student's age and grade, rather than just his or her age?

Problem 3 (unsolved): How might one add an additional Key ("teacher"?) at the top level of any grade that has more than two students, leaving other grades unchanged?

Thanks for any help.

POSTED BY: Michael Stern

This is a challenging question. I approached Question 2 by going through each grade separately. The first step selects all results from a grade level. Then I insert another Query function on the selected list of associations ("students"). This query function acts like yours above by inserting a grade based on a grade function defined below. Finally, I apply Join to merge the results from each grade level.


My grading function was defined as this:

POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
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