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Which method does Mathematica use in NSolve for one variable functions?

Posted 11 years ago
Hi All,

I just wanna know which method Mathematica uses to find NSolve one variable function..(i.e.  bisection method, newton method etc.)

and where can I see in Mathematica that Mathematica uses that method.

POSTED BY: selahittin cinar
2 Replies
If a method is not specified with the Method option, then NSolve is free to choose a method based on what it believes will best solve the problem. It may choose from several methods in the case you mention based on the structure of the problem given to it. The full details of this decision process can be complicated and the information may not be publically available. 

In some cases, the internal working are documented on the documentation page called "Some Notebook On Implementation". It has this to say about the internal workings of NSolve:

For sparse linear systems, Solve and NSolve use several efficient numerical methods, mostly based on Gauss factoring with Markowitz products (approximately 250 pages of code).

For systems of algebraic equations, NSolve computes a numerical Gröbner basis using an efficient monomial ordering, then uses eigensystem methods to extract numerical roots.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Thank you so much, that's really helped..
POSTED BY: selahittin cinar
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